Monday, October 1, 2007

So much to blog, so little time

After the proverbial kick in the backside (by myself - quite a gymnastic feat, really), I continued my blocking and finishing spree.

Since I was visiting my mum in Germany, the jacket just had to be finished, and although a good part of my visit consisted of sitting on my parents' couch, sewing the pieces together, adding a crochet edge and sewing on the buttons, I DID IT! IT'S FINISHED!

What a wonderful excuse to buy more yarns and start new projects.... Yarn shops here I come (well, once I've saved up a little). And while my mum and I sat in the cosy living room (she is still nursing her knee after a surgery), my dad was on his yearly hiking trip through the rain...

I almost forgot - here are the details
Pattern: Filati Summertime, Galaprint Cardigan
Yarn: Lana Grossa quality "Gala Print", 48% silk, 24% viscose, 17% linen, 11% polyamide
Colour Way: 508 - 'Olive Mottled'

Lots of pictures of M's new black sheep, walks along the river Thames and such like are waiting to be blogged, but - alas - time to go to work now. So, here is one last picture of the finished jacket, modeled by my mum:

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Rachel said...

What a lovely coat, and the yarn is simply beautiful! I'm sure you're very pleased it's finished!