Friday, February 29, 2008

Almost Weekend

I said to M. last week - only half joking - that I am only 20 job interviews away from my ideal weight.... Be it auditions or job interviews, my adrenaline production just shoots up and, ahem, well, lets say I don't want to be too far away from the bathroom. So I end up not eating in preparation to avoid embarrassment. Yesterday was such an interview day, and although all considered it went well, this one is definitely one down on my list, 19 more to go. .... Maybe I could make some money by writing a book called "The Adrenaline Diet", or maybe "Embrace your fear and arrive at your ideal weight"... Then again, it might be a bit high risk for people with heart problems or high blood pressure... Hmmmm.
Well, today is Friday, I am off to work now, but the weekend is almost within reach. Just before I go, here is a picture of my improvised ear flap hat for my SPF. The wool is Artisano Alpaca Aran.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Baby knits and coffee swap

Last September I took part in the Knitters' Coffee Swap 3, but this has been a journey with lots of obstacles. The postman must have really liked the first package my swap partner sent, because I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for it. Maybe it will arrive for Easter, since it didn't make it through the Christmas post...? But now my swap partner sent me a second package, when I had already given up hope altogether. And what a package it was!! Here is a picture:The Sockmeise Wool (colourway "Suzanne") is the best. And, if that's not enough, there are also two scrumptuously soft Regia Merino & Silk skeins. I really love the mug - M. and I were given a Tea Tin with the same motive last year, so it fits right in and the red is absolutely my colour! Mmmmmmhhh.... But not stopping here. There are three different locally roasted coffees from two different places in Bavaria and the "Knit one, kill two" book that I have had my eyes on for a while (watch out housemates... maybe some inspiration ;-) My housemate J. is happy about the sweets in the package, especially the Mozart Kugeln, as I can't have any sugar, so we're all happy.

On a different note, my friend A. in Germany is having her second baby very shortly, and I have been preparing some gifts in Rowan RYC Baby CashSoft:
Pattern: Dotty (from Itty-Bitty Hats by Susan B. Anderson), but with out the dots...

Pattern: Painted Turtle (from Itty-Bitty Hats by Susan B. Anderson)

I'm still working on a blanket, but I am only three 30M squares into the blanket so far.... Watch this spot

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Activities over Christmas...long time ago

I know it's February (almost March), but work exploded after Christmas and I forgot to put up the pictures of all my knitting Christmas activities... I made my first stitch markers as a present for a knitting neighbour of my parents. Pretty stitch markers cannot be found easily. It took almost 30 minutes to explain what I needed to the shop assistant who was very eager to help, but had clearly no idea what I intended to do. I have to admit that part of the credit for those markers goes to my mother helping to find some simple practical solutions for putting the beads together and burning her hand on the lamp while I took the pictures....

Literally finished the day I went home to Germany was my Mom's Christmas gift: Sahara by Stitch Divas, here without sleeves. I had to block it here (in the UK) because I couldn't be sure that she would see it lying around somewhere in the house otherwise. My sister almost fell over her IPod Sock which I proudly showed my parents before she arrived home - and then forgot to hide. Luckily she had no idea it was an IPod Sock (she got the IPod for Christmas too), but a phone cozy. Phew!
The Sahara pattern proved my Mom's prejudices wrong that jumpers without seams never ever fit properly. I like it when I'm right:-) It's knitted with worsted Malabrigo in Amoroso. It was such fun knitting this pattern with this wool, that I'm doing the same pattern again in Malabrigo, this time in Emerald.

Monday, February 25, 2008

What will THEY see first?

A new edition of what UFOs (and everyone/thing else outside good old earth) will see when they have a look at us is... the GIANT rabbit. You'll find him near the town of Artesina (Italian Alps). A group of Austrian artists called Gelitin have spend five years to knit it. It's so big that you can see it from the satellite cameras. Don't believe it? Click here to see it on Google earth! The giant bunny will be lounging on the hillside for the next 20 years (or so). If you are in the area you're invited by the artists to 'climp up along the ears'... in case you haven't planned your holidays yet this should give you some ideas.
The news came this morning with the S&B London newsletter and is soooo cool that I had to share it here.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Do you ever need a reminder to see life as a forward motion, full of challenges? Just that little kick in the butt to stretch forward and be ready for the changes, challenges and opportunities that come, even if you can't really plan it all out? Well, I certainly do. And thanks to dancer and teacher Royston Maldoom I had such a reminder today. How fantastic it is to be jolted back into the right frame of mind from time to time (uncomfortable, but truly necessary). Thank you, Royston! Check out his projects, including Rhythm Is It! with Sir Simon Rattle and the Berlin Phil, which was made into a full feature film.
I spent a good part of the past couple of weeks getting together video material from mosaique's educational programmes, preparing a DVD intro for a presentation. With all the little niggling things that need to be done, my sluggish brain needed a reminder of what it's all about.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Check this out: The Inside Loop

It has arrived - today the new magazine dedicated to fibre arts in the UK is launched! Have a look at the first issue at Congratulations to Kate and Diane and wishing you a fantastic success with your new magazine! (... and of course looking forward to the launch party tonight .... ;-)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Where is my head?!?

It was there just a little time ago when I checked, but it seems to have gone missing (at least the insides of the same, which make the rest of me go into the desired direction or give the command for intelligible speech, etc.)
Work, job applications, job interviews, 2nd round of job interviews, waiting for answers, trying to edit 12 hours of footage into an inspiring 10-minute video clip for a funding application with software I am only just getting used to, finishing another website design, handing in my tax returns, .... breath...., keeping in touch with friends and family, oh - maybe - knit something?! as the birth of my friend's baby is imminent, knitting meeting, spinning meeting, deal with plumber as heating went off over the weekend while I was trying to work, trying out whether I can survive on 5 hours sleep per night, Arrrgh!!!!!
Well, the surplus of Adrenaline from the job interviews helps somehow, but I would like to get a positive answer and not wait any longer.
Well, to cheer myself up, a few more FOs from the Christmas period:
Monkey Socks (Colourway Turf's up)

Hot Water Bottle Cover (Cotton)

And the buttons I found for the Water Bottle Cover

Victorian Lace Mirtle Leaf Scarf for my friend H. (Malabrigo Lace Weight)

Hmm, yes, I feel all cheered up now. There will be time for knitting again one day....

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm working...really I am...

I really should be sitting here and working on our project for September, but somehow I can't bring myself to really start. There is sooo much going on right now, but I'm not allowed to tell anything about it. I have a meeting in a couple of hours - by phone, so I don't need to leave the house. I have done all sorts of things to keep myself busy and away from starting to work: I have tried to restore some of the pictures taken last Tuesday at ROH and put them up on the blog, I have (extensively) read all sorts of blogs, watched some video clips on YouTube - one good one with Jonas Kaufmann in London. Speaking to Ge. at work yesterday, he expressed his doubts about Kaufmann being a 'real' German, because of his dark eyes and hair. Well not all Germans are blond and blue eyed...
I then continued not working and congratulated T. on becoming an uncle (knitted him a couple of hats and mittens for his brand new niece for Christmas) washed my new 'Forest Green' hat knitted last Sunday (no picture yet - wool bought at Socktopus) and went on Ravelry (which can take some time as we all know). When I was (finally) about to close down my internet connection ( I found out that I do work a lot better if I'm not distracted by email etc) I received an email from a friend who is facing a terrible time right now. He's one of the kindest men I've known. Both G. and I have worked with him for many years and done a lot of crazy stuff together.
A look on the clock tells me that I have about 10min to get my stuff together before the meeting starts.... but I've to have a break in the middle (going to the hairdresser, a girl needs some fashion). Right, now I'd better go.. I really should go, ok I'll go...
Note: Went out to get hair cut and realised that it's almost spring!
Note2: Sister finally sent pictures from the IPod sock I made her for Christmas - here they are.