Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wooly Sheep Diary 2 1/2

... where Miss Maple came to life. This is a picture from our Sunday breakfast at the beach at a café. It was somehow magical. Now don't get jealous S's house is actually not on the beach we had to drive there - for a couple of minutes :-)
I really love the city, but there is nothing like a peaceful time at the sea. S. only bought this house recently and we helped to sort our the music library... and I thought I had lots of scores! Well, I do have a lot, but most of them didn't make the trip to England and remain with my parents. Needless to say that we visited the only wool (and framing shop) in the area - run by totally mad people according to S., and G. bought some stuffing material for Miss Maple while I got a nice very small Christmas gift for my Mom. I want to be prepared this year...

G. seems to be on a sheep trip... all I can say is that there is one more on her needles at the moment, probably due to the fact that I Knit London extended their 10% off all wool as their birthday present until Saturday 15th September. Great offer!

Are you addicted to wool? Do you think that wool souvenirs (wool bought during holidays) don't actually come from your 'wool budget' but fall under the category 'holiday gifts' and therefore increase your ability of buying wool? Are you also trying to find knitting shops in all the towns you are visiting and happen to find only the ones that are either closed or with unfriendly staff? There is help - if you happen to live in a German speaking country or go there on holiday, Annkaris's Strickblog started a list of knitting shops. She calls it 'Ein Handarbeitsreiseführer'. What a supercool idea! I will try and link her map to our blog.


Tigerduck said...

Did someone mention THE SEA?!!!!! :-)

Rose Red said...

ANYTHING bought on holiday (yarn, shoes, books, whatever) clearly counts as a souvenir of the holiday and definitely does not go towards the yarn/shoe/book/whatever budget!

Rachel said...

Budget? What budget? "Yarn" and "budget" are two disparate things, and the twain should ne'er meet, in my humble opinion!

As to your wool query, I am highly allergic to wool, so sadly I am out of that elite club. I like the way it looks, but the itchy factor sends me running. (I can handle Merino wool, though. Just love merino).

Lovely picture of the sea! I was born in Hawaii, and now live far inland in the midwest USA, so I miss the sea more than you could believe!