Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wonderwool and gifts

Wonderwool weekend, and G and I made it there! Not exactly knowing what to expect, I was nevertheless looking forward if not to a great show, then at least to a weekend away. It only took Hertz 30 minutes to go through our booking on Friday evening, and judging by the faces in the room that was very fast - which made us start the trip later than we anticipated, but despite that we had a lot of fun. Having spent all my time with arranging events for our vocal group, I really enjoyed every free minute - even driving on the motorway which I usually don't like that much. We had the most beautiful Bed and Breakfast. Just look at the view in the morning from the bed. We drove up to the Show grounds after breakfast on Saturday morning in the sunshine. Even the weather was perfect, there was really not much to complain about! In the hall it didn't take us long to meet with lots of lovely people. Have a look over there to check out the pictures on their blogs. As our camera wasn't cooperative during the weekend all our pictures were taken with our mobile phones. Our Ravelry Badges (very quickly printed out on Friday morning) were a great tool to talk to strangers. I managed to get my Mum's and sister's birthday presents this week. G finally got her wish and tried out the giant knitting needles, and continental knitting is not an adventage here!
After a nice pub dinner we drove back home (some more late night driving). The past two days were spent very close to the phone, as my sister had her last exams in medical school and I'm proud to say she did brilliantly and passed everything yesterday evening. I'm still working on her graduation present (actually we are working on it as it is a co-production) I'm sorry to be so enigmatic, but my sister tends to check out the blog at odd times, so I can't say more. I'm flying to Germany on Saturday morning (this time some very, very early getting up) to see her. Initially I wanted to pick her up after her last exam (as it is tradition in Germany), but I couldn't leave earlier. Well, Saturday will do nicely, too, and I'll even get a part of the birthday cake then.

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