Monday, August 6, 2007

One stessful week

Wow! I just go away for two days to Germany and G makes me a pair of Monkey socks! I should do this more often :-) They are super comfortable, well G made them to measure for my feet - silly me! I thought she was just taking measure for her sock pal who has about the same size.
I had a great week working for London Opera Vocal's summer course and flying to Germany for two days to sort out some things. I went to Wiesbaden where the the ADAC (motor recovery service) was promoting a new package deal and was handing out giraffes with a magnet to put on the fridge. Two girls were walking up and down the pedestrian zone and I must have managed to look really sad because the second time they came past I got one. I'll post details of last week's course later in the week as work. For the moment, enjoy the Giraffe pics for a great start to the week.

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