Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My socks arrived!

Today was my turn to get the sockapalooza socks and I love them!
My pal from Rose Red spoiled me good. She had sent anonymous emails (with the most hilarious made up name) to ask some questions since I didn't have a blog then. She did a good job spying ever since I have the blog!
She knitted the most wonderful socks with hand painted yarn from The Knittery (colour water lilies) - and yes before you ask they do fit perfectly. She sent an email some days ago apologising that my socks would be delayed because she had been sick, but it was worth the wait.
To make up for the delay she included some goodies, sugar free treats and some Australian coffee. As you can see in the picture I'm already wearing the socks. It was a bit of a challenge to take that picture with one foot up on the bed.
I remembered that looking through sockapalooza blogs I noticed those specific socks already. I quite liked the colour and also it was one of those sock patterns which I'd like to knit (because it looks lovely) but it would just drive me insane. Thank you, thank you, my sock pal!!


Rose Red said...

So pleased they arrived and that they fit! Yay!

on the wings... said...

Wow! The pattern at the top of the socks looks intense! You are one lucky woman!