Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Searching for like-minded enthusiasts

Really not easy, this up and down of the singing profession that M. wrote about. Apart from the investment of hard work (that is common to anyone who wants to be good at anything in life or attempt to do justice to a work of art), lots of time, sweat, self-critique, contemplation, research, interpretation, love, discovery, and some more work.... And then of course there is having to deal with success or rejection and the quick interchange of the two. Which voices do you listen to? Any but your own? The critic? The fan? Your family and friends? A teacher or fellow musician? This is not even touching on the financial impact of people's changing opinions on your every-day-life. So why on earth do we subject ourselves to this?
There is the sheer overwhelming joy of making music - a very good reason for starters. The possibility of having something very special to give to those listening and participating in the moment, and those re-living the moment through recordings. And then there is a certain conviction of something like vocation, being most definitely yourself when you do what you were made to do: sing, perform, live!!
Such grand words from such an idiot like me. Oh, well. I have been wondering for a while, though, if there are some like-minded people out there... We are not all divas, and although I draw my hat (the imaginary one) to star performers such as Anna Netrebko, Juan Diego Florez, Rolando Villazón or Natalie Dessay, I do at times wonder whether there are others like me out there....
.... musicians who lack that diva-gene (i.e. the gene that makes you sleep with a knife under your pillow and look out for opportunities to trick the competition or else lets you realise you are the best and there is no competition), who love making music with others, but are soloists at heart and don't really want to loose their distinctive sound in a big choir/orchestra, but create something new and exciting in their music making.
Chamber musicians (if there is such a category for singers...)
They would be thrilled at the idea of building singer and musician colleagues up. They haven't given up on hard work and quality (no "it's-the-job-and-no-one-notices-my-mistakes-anyway-screw-taking-care-of-a-musical-performance" attitude), haven't become bitter, and are looking for like-minded others to find a market-niche together. Oh, and then, if I can add one more thing to my wish-list, they would not want to produce a 'white' early music sound (no offense, but there is already so much of that around), but want to range through many colours up to a full-blooded grown-up tone....
If you are out there - lets make some music together!!!!

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eusebius said...

Love your blog. Hmmm... I really think I should be working with you. Alas, you appear to be on the other side of the pond. Perhaps some geeky digital real-time finagling is in order!!