Thursday, June 14, 2007

Don Giovanni at Covent Garden

I just got home from a very fun evening out at London's Covent Garden. BP is putting on big-screen events all over the place, broadcasting live from the Royal Opera House Covent Garden. So, we were sitting out in the square with about 3000-4000 others, watching on the big screen what was being performed inside the house (you can see the blob of light in the distance - that's the screen!).
After the mad scramble for a seat, that is floor space for my little blanket(and 'seats' for M. and T. who came at different times, as they finished work a bit later than I did), it was a great night out, and there wasn't as much rain as in previous years (just the odd shower that was easily coped with by wearing one of the free ponchos the organisers had distributed at the entrance).
Sarah Fox sang a great Zerlina, Erwin Schrott was strong and sexy as Don Giovanni, and Anna Maria Martinez did a cracking good Donna Elvira. Oh - and here is the proof picture: my knitting project grew as well during the .... less intesting... bits ;-) For a review of the Don Giovanni Premiere, have a look at Intermezzo's blog!

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