Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ok now we’re getting started!

We have worked on this thing for weeks, trying to create a format and a style. I think we finally found something that we both liked. We wanted this journal to be about all the things we are passionate about – so it’s going to be mostly about music and knitting.

Since I have spent a lot of time looking around at blogs and meeting some of you lovely bloggers online, it was hard to fit singing and knitting in... Well, somehow I did, but it meant considerably less sleep. However, there will be more work on the singing side as we did qualify for a vocal competition and I have to learn new repertoire.
On the knitting side I’m doing something for my sister’s birthday (obviously can’t say what it is) and I’m taking part in two swaps. Hopefully we’ll be able to include the buttons soon. More about this later as G and I are going out to celebrate the posting of our blog with some coffee.

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